Thursday, July 28, 2005

Imperialism will die, and we will win

Here's hope another Bush is elected in 2008 - Jeb or Santorum. Let them up security and put another strand of barbed wire around the perimeter and see what happens. Let a new Bush carry on the true face of Imperialism, instead of a calm McCain or a Biden who'll never rouse anyone but those with the biggest nose for bullshit.

During these past lovely 5 years you've never seen so much criticism in the elitist sections of mainstream press because of such flagrant nazi-like activity and at the same time you've never seen such a widespread hallucination among American citizens who get news from television and talk radio.

And, I've never heard so much talk about revolution on the internets. It's possibly just armchair anger, but that's a start. And here I am with my "blog". But also, I'm actively trying to work my way out of the machine so my very way of life becomes an affront to them, the violent and greedy. My intentions are an affront to them and aspects of my life are, but to be a true threat you must be a part of something greater

They say there's never been such a great recruiter of Islamic fanatic terrorism as George W. Bush, and I say in the same way he's also a great recruiter of modern American revolutionism. We just need to organize and funnel our anger into something counter-productive, and nonviolent. They fear violent retaliation, but they cannot even comprehend how nonviolent civil disobedience can completely drain power from them and leave them lifeless.

The American Revolution, Whiskey Rebellion, the Indian rebellions, the civil rights movement, the fight against Nazism by allied nations- all the spirits of the poor and destroyed must come together and rust the machines of imperialism. May the grasses grow around that machine
like an old dead car in the yard, and may weeds and trees grow high around it and entangle it and may it be swallowed into the forest of freedom, and may only a sharp edge be left, so when our children go playing in the forest and cut themselves on what's left of it, we can dress their wounds and tell them of a disease that once was, where men thought themselves above other men, and suffered from insane hallucinations about lines in the sand.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Anyone expressing "shock"at the London bombings is obviously not paying attention. Every intelligence expert in Washington and London constantly tells us to expect more terrorist attacks. They're going to hit major UK and US cities again and again and again. It's really a hopeless situtation we're in.

And it's even stranger how people pretend like there's not a million Muslims wanting us all dead. Members of my own family bring children into the world and plan their futures as though American life will continue as it has existed, free from all consequences of our own irresponsible actions and those of our government. If people could perceive what I perceive, they wouldn't even think about bringing new life forms into this hell. It's not going to be pretty, and the only potential hope is that we may be able to start anew from the ashes.

What we do now is be prepared for the system to completely break down. Learn how to farm and hunt and fish and fire semiautomatic weapons. What I'm saying would've sounded crazy several years ago. But Now, anyone who looks logically at the information available can very easily determine how things will be played out. Anyone who takes an honest look at the history of world empires can make the logical conclusion that the USA is about to crumble. It's sad and terrible, but that's the choice we make - the consequence of our actions.

And I'm not sure why I should be sadder about Londoners being killed than by Iraqis and American soldiers being killed, yet the headlines seem to suggest I should be.