Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I would think that I would

The Bush years would be the best comedy series on TV if they didn't have such dire consequences for us all. The outright obviousness of the corruption would be enough to keep us all rolling, but the sheer idiocy of all the people that buy into it is the icing on the cake.

Mover of Hurricanes Pat Robertson, who just loves violence and routinely says outrageous things to draw attention to himself, called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez in no uncertain terms, then said he was misinterpreted. He also managed to somehow link Venezuela to Muslim extremism. I'm sure Hugo is looking forward to the upcoming UN meeting in New York. Watch out for clean cut blond idiots in pink golf shirts with their hair parted to the side, Hugo, they just might be on a mission from God.

Here's Rumsfeld admitting that the US has indeed been trying to assassinate Chavez, after having been asked if there was any plan to do so:

"Not to my knowledge and I would think I would have knowledge"

hublubbubblub WHAAT??? You would think! You would think he'd say "No" to a simple yes/no question. You don't have to be a psychic to see through that one.

Come on Sloover, The US government, least of all the Christian Bush Administation, would NEVER try to assassinate a head of state! It's against both US and international Law!

Chavez 70 - Bush 36

Friday, August 19, 2005

Reality vs. the Bush fantasy

I haven't been paying attention to world affairs much. I've only been reading articles from the AP and Reuters, which translates to not having been paying much attention. I am surprised at the attention the Crawford thing has gotten in the mainstream media. The rightist media has been reduced to dragging a Gold Star Mother's name through the mud, and a sense of Reality is seeping through, even to the average headline-reading, AM-radio-listening dumbass American. In fact, this may finally be the clash between the Bush fantasy and Reality. Bush is vacationing again, biking around and fishing and hiking while the rest of us work and slag through modern America. People are pissed off about gas prices while it's their own gluttonous fault. I hope they get higher, and I drive a long commute to my 40 hour hell. Bush is insulated from reality, always smiling at his filtered, idiot audiences of people even more insulated, their minds draped in American flags and slogans and stupid idiot ideals about "patriotism" which is more similar to fascism than freedom. Freedom, what? hahahaha. Your average American has no fucking clue what freedom is. They don't even come close. Bush least of all. And there is reality lurking outside his opulent estate, while he pretends he's in the Tour de France with real people like Armstrong who's actually been through problems he had to overcome in life, unlike the slapped-ass rich boy of a president who's never had to deal with anything. If the Sheehan camp really sinks in and goes for the throat, this bastard rich motherfucker will end up like Saddam in the rathole - although the media may not cover it as such. The anti-war Lance Armstrong visiting gives it a good twist too. Reality is coming to get you, motherfucker, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chomsky gets it right

This is similar to what I've been saying re: the 9/11 conspiracy theories suggesting it was an inside job or that something other than a plane crashed into the Pentagon.

…I might perhaps add that this whole matter reminds of a DOD document on declassification a few years ago. It suggests that “interesting declassified material” such as information about the JFK assassination could be released and even posted on the internet as a “diversion,” which might “reduce the unrestrained public appetite for `secrets’ by providing good faith distraction material.” The idea, according to the (outstanding) British intelligence analyst who published the document, is that if investigators are absorbed with the grassy knoll they won’t probe into serious areas where they are unwelcome.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hiroshima, 9/11, the rape of nanking, Iraq

Isn't it horrible what huge governments and powerful organizations have done to civilians in the history of mankind? Isn't it time the 99% of people, living mostly in peace, just wanting to work and pursue freedom, and be left alone by violent powerful governments or those who have created violent powerful governments in their mind, to rise up and claim what is rightfully theirs from these 1 percenters, the rich and powerful of all nations, who insist on slaughtering millions of us, the citizens of the world, as a matter of sober policy and what they claim to be righteousness? THEY are in the minority, yet the have a good many of US in their grasp, through their powerful propaganda. How many of us do the powerful governments of the world have to slaughter before we decide to stand against them? I invite them to turn the screws some more on us. Go ahead and take our liberty little by little, and little by little we will rise, and you, the greedy and violent, will dissolve.

And I'm not talking about a violent uprising. War creates nothing and destroys all it can. It's their tool, and you can see how they use it. I can't imagine what it would be like to go into something for some ideological reason that you may believe or doubt, and it ends up becoming personal, forever, because men you do not know come in and murder men who you've developed unbreakable bonds with. If I was in Iraq faced with the situation that those men and women are faced with, I'd want to kill every motherfucker not in an American uniform. How, please explain to me, could I think otherwise? It becomes a gang war, and the governing elite understands this.

Which is why it's impossible for me to have any animosity towards people who are used in this fashion, despite what conformists say.

So it's impossible to create something new by confronting powerful governments with violence. We will end them with nonviolent disobedience. All it takes is 100 million people refusing to pay their taxes.

Iraq War Victory Party: Summer 2006!

Here's how the Republicans will play it: massive troop pull out along with media manipulation and a barrage of stories about how well trained the Iraqi security forces are, how well Iraq is doing (new schools, women's rights, new cars, riverboat gambling on the Euphrates), victory parties, ticker tape parades for the troops, prime time address by Bush, Mission Accomplished: Bigger Better Badder, Democrats lap dogging "Well there are still problems but every patriotic American like us Democrats is glad the troops is home", ensuring high rube voter turnout for the House and Senate elections in November 2006 and uber-control of congress, then it's on to Iran in 2007 as I predicted earlier. Down the slippery slope.

I may vote in 2006, but I doubt I'll vote for any Democrats. There's a guy in my state who lives in a van and always runs for something when there's an election. I'll probably vote for him.

Ayman al-Zawahri replaces bin Laden...

... as the new Emmanuel Goldstein.

Comparing our society to one as locked-down as the one depicted in 1984 would be inaccurate - North Korea probably more closely resembles that than anything today. But to say that it's headed in that direction is not at all extreme.

Orwell had great insight into how governments function. Yesterday we had the 24 Hours Hate with al-Zawahri's latest threats. On message boards the Democrats and Republicans argue meaninglessly, believing that blue is any better than red, not seeing that blue is simply functioning to serve the goals of the red, as the Brotherhood was invented by and serves Big Brother.

I ought to read 1984 again with new eyes, as in the past few years since 9/11/01, I've started to pay attention and developed a high-frequency bullshit detector, going from cynically detached with no hope, then 9/11 happened and I was naively patriotic but questioning, to a leftist with hope for the government in the right hands of certain Democrats and third-party people, and as my bullshit detector further developed, knowledge removed the veil of government and the cloak of my own fear dissolved and I found myself as I always have been, since I was young, more of an anarchist than anything, a hater of all governments and morals and laws and power and lover of freedom and individuals, and I'm absolutely certain that security and fear and comfort are the opposite of freedom, and you can't have both completely.

Bush 1 and Cheney visit the Saudis on Hiroshima Day

It's a knee-slapper how our leaders are allowed to congregate with some authoritarian, terrorist-harboring, human rights abusing Islamic fanatics but not others. That should just blow the "spreading democracy" and "defending freedom" bullshit right out of the water for anyone who isn't mentally handicapped. So why do they cozy up to the Saudis? Because over the years the US governing elite has developed a business relationship with this group of murderous thugs that hasn't been broken, like our business relationship with the other murderous thugs, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, have been. Basically it's all a bunch of terrorist organizations just trying to make money.

(And yes, unlike Michael Moore, I credit Clinton and Carter and every president back to FDR, lest you political Coke vs Pepsi rubes get flustered)

Happy Hiroshima Day!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jane Fonda backed by the government?

I can't think of anything more perfectly suited to aid the pro-war people and the petroleum industry than Hanoi Jane driving around the country in a biodiesel bus to protest the Iraq war. What a dipshit. What these retarded Hollywood celebrities don't realize is that they are functioning as a key element to maintain power for the governing elite, and to further their agenda by acting as a state court jester. That was how she functioned during Vietnam, and it's the same thing now. I think she's actually trying to promote her latest sleazy book. Her intentions and those of her class, the corporate elite, do not contradict in the least.

Some random post I found on Google: "Yep, seems like she'll reinforce the kook element of things...."