Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spying on "people" in the US

The mainstream has clearly chosen in story after story to give the Right an inlet, to have one of these unintelligent red vs. blue debates, by refusing to say that Bush allowed spying on "US citizens" or "Americans". The chorus has been "people inside the United States". Anyone who wants to make an argument in support of the Bush Gestapo can quickly translate that phrase to "foreigners and terrorists". You don't see headlines like "People inside the US celebrate Thanksgiving" or "People inside the US gather to watch the Superbowl". Yet the central question of this issue is not about spying on foreign visitors to the US who happen to be inside the country, it's about the government, once again, spying on it's own citizens without a warrant.

It's not to say that "the media" is right-wing, it's that billionaire media will tell people what they want to hear at the expense of the truth.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The NSA should say "Merry Christmas" to me over the phone

Do we HAVE to have a "debate" about Christmas?

Just because the punkass Bill O'Reilly spends hours on the air crying about the big liberal Happy Holidays Conspiracy doesn't mean we all have to talk about it. People at work, friends, family members - sick of it. Turn off the fucking TV and stop letting News Corporation control how your conversations are framed.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Patriot Act, the CIA and NSA are spying on American citizens, like those terrorist Quakers and evil hippies who go to nonviolent anti-war demonstrations. Good thing money is being spent on that instead of monitoring the borders. Wouldn't want to halt the flow of slave labor.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

covering Iraqi elections

I don't think I even have to comment on this. Just read the mainstream stories about today's election and compare it with how they covered Venezuela.

Friday, December 09, 2005

covering Venezuela

As usual another standard is applied when covering the affairs of enemy states in the mainstream media. The coverage by this Reuters article of the Venezuelan congressional elections is a good example. The headline is ominous. The term "slim voter turnout" and "abstention" are utilized, although the Venezualans' voter turnout in these congressional elections was only 10% less than the last US congressional elections, and the US didn't have entire parties boycotting. In fact, voter turnout has increased since the last Venezuelan election, but you couldn't ascertain that from reading the article. When's the last time you heard that low voter turnout weakens the legitimacy of US elections?

Imagine reading these lines in the American press after the Republican victories in 2002:

But if some critics question Bush's support after the congressional elections, the future of the opposition parties appears even more fragile as they have few conventional avenues left to challenge the president.

Pro-Bush lawmakers now have uncontested control over the Congress to push through constitutional changes, such as ending presidential term limits and strengthening state control over the economy.

Opposition parties fear those reforms will only tighten the control of a president who they say already holds political sway over courts and the electoral authority.

US opposition parties such as the Green Party are never seriously discussed in the mainstream, nor are the dangers of a single party controlling all three branches of government.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Democrats are no different

I've about had enough of Democrats, and I'm not just talking about Lieberman or Zell Miller - although they are some of the more honest Democrats in that they don't try to hide their imperialist convictions. MOST Democrats are indistinguishable from Republicans, including ones considered "leftists" by the mainstream, such as John Kerry. Even now that a strong majority of Americans are against the Iraq war, many of the more popular Democrats REFUSE to take any serious stance for withdrawl, or for turning over control of Iraq's energy reserves to Iraqi oil companies. A common complaint from the right is that "Democrats don't have a plan". They DO have a plan, but it's not much different from the Bush administration's.

There should be some sort of vocal action aimed specifically at them from the Left. The way many of them tried to distance themselves from Murtha, a conservative hawk who chose to speak the truth about Iraq, was dispicable.

Please email me if you hear of any type of leftist action, petitions, protests, against Democrats in congress.