Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Terra Madre 2006

Last day of Terra Madre in Turino, Italy was yesterday. This is the second Terra Madre orchestrated by the Slow Food Movement. Farmers, chefs, fisherman from all over the world gather in Italy to celebrate food. A few of our farmer and chef friends were lucky enough to be able to attend this. Anyone who gives a damn should be educated about this global democratic movement for small farms and good food. This is not a negative movement in that it only criticizes the dominant food production/consumption system but is a movement in that the participants, by their very livelihoods, already embody the solution.

Here are some starting points:

Check out the Terra Madre blog featuring delegates from around the terra

Check out the program and listen to some voices of Terra Madre

You might want to consider joining your local Slow Food Convivium. Much more than voting or marching at protests, democracy starts to happen only when people get together and have meetings with specific purposes. You can also "vote with your dollar" by supporting your local farmer and eating more food produced locally.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Mainstream media hatred of blogging

I find it amusing that the mainstream media can't stand the fact that ordinary citizens can publish their opinions about things and possibly obtain an audience for very little money. As with all opinions, including "official" ones espoused by the five billionaire-run media corporations, you have to apply logic to them and weigh them against evidence to see if they hold water. The mainstream media acts like the fact that people who aren't rich can communicate their thoughts with other lower 99 per centers is a terrible threat and a plague to all things decent and intellectual. It is a threat, but only to the media corps. and their primary activity, advertising. For as much as they blab about "democracy", that vague term which nobody seems to understand but everyone seems to worship, all the chest-beating about ordinary people publishing their thoughts so that hundreds or thousands or millions (or tens, in my case) of other ordinary people can read them seems more than a bit paranoid.

So the latest bit of anti-blog chest thumping comes from Bill O'Reilly. I'm not interested in the least in inflamatory right wing pundits, I never watch or listen to their programs, and it annoys me when otherwise interesting left-wing websites spend time even discussing these news-entertainment pro-wrestler-like actors. But this is a fine example of what I was talking about: the blogs are far on the fringes, it's just nastyness and vitriol, they should be violently shut down. Standard corporate media fascism from the same multinationals who are trying to end net neutrality so they can further control opinion and thought in a free society. And I hear even better examples of this on the supposedly "liberal" National Public Radio.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Chomsky post-Chavez hubbub interview


"He gave a talk at the Security Council which is the most important address, of course. And the address at the Security Council, I saw no reference to. I thought it was a serious address which raised important points that we ought to think about. Even at the address at the General Assembly, which was less important, where there was the inflamatory rhetoric that you mentioned, there were other questions he raised. For example if you look at the New York Times coverage of it, which focused on the inflamatory rhetoric... On the other hand the Times report didn't mention, that after his speech he received prolonged applause, so loud and long that the chair had to intervene to stop it. Well, the obvious question is Why? If his views are so controversial, and sort of "off the spectrum" as this claimed, how come it got strong applause?"

I always hated the On Point guy, he goes to fast with everybody. Chomsky gives detailed answers that don't fit into most mainstream formats, let alone this one, where the host constantly cuts people off and then gives a simple one-liner "summarizing" what they just said. He's like the fuckin Bill OReilly of NPR. I don't understand who's responsible for scheduling Chomsky for these things, how he ends up on "Ali G" and the "Penn and Teller" nonsense, but he should hire another person for that that's more in touch with popular culture before scheduling him into these absurd popular culture formats.

Actually, fuck David Price

I said earlier in this blog that I wouldn't vote for anyone who endorsed HR 921, which was the endorsement of Israeli government terrorism against the people of Lebanon, and David Price of North Carolina gave it a yea. So fuck him, he's not in my district so I can't vote for him anyway, but I wouldn't vote for him if I could. Anybody that openly advocates terrorism, on the same day that it came out that 1/3 of the people murdered by the Israeli government were children, deserves to be beaten and lynched, not voted for.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Election 2006 endorsements

My Endorsements - so you all know who to vote for


US Congress

District 6: (which includes Alamance Co)
Here you have a pretty anti-Bush Democrat in a very Republican district going up against a 22 year incumbent.
My vote: (D) Rory Blake
Bullshit I based it on:
He’s in favor of decentralizing power.
“subsidies that provide small business access to the same technology, energy and communications infrastructures that large corporations enjoy….”
“We must raise the minimum wage.”
“rescind some of the tax cuts that benefit our wealthiest citizens.”
“eliminate high-dollar no-bid government contracts” Good luck with that one. But at least he’s bullshitting against it.
Why I’m not voting for the other guy
Howard Coble - based on his voting record at http://www.vote-smart.org he’s just an old school republican who votes against social programs and for military spending, votes mostly against civil liberties, voted for criminalizing flag burning, against medical marijuana, anything even hinting on gay people, etc etc

District 2: (which includes Orange Co)
My vote: (D) David Price http://price.house.gov/Issues/
based on: He acknowledges global warming exists and is caused by humans. (hahaha. I hate elections in this country. He has frontal lobes and opposable thumbs will be the next reason I endorse a guy.)
Voted against Iraq from the beginning, yet still characterizes the administration’s actions as “missteps”
why not the other guy -because he’s a dickhead (R ) Steve Acuff
Hallucinatory vision of “war on terror”
favors keeping upper 1% tax cuts permanent
“I am pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and pro-family.” Man, I hate people who are anti-family.

NC Supreme Court

Race 1
I’m not voting in this race. Rachel Lea Hunter is such a psycho bitch that I honestly thought her website was a fraud made up by her opponents. She’s against Republicans and Neoconservatives, but her being in the public eye will add fuel to the “activist judge” fire, and she’ll have a court jester effect like the Hollywood Liberals that fuels power in the guise of fighting it. She’s also from Monroeville, and went to Fox Chapel High and Pitt, so it takes a lot of psycho bitchness to get me to not vote for a Pittsburgh liberal. Mark Martin is endorsed by Elizabeth Dole, so fuck him too. I'll write in Hugo Chavez on the ballot even though there's no write-in slot

Race 2
My vote Patricia Timmons-Goodson. Based solely on her endorsements from union-type organizations like the AFL-CIO and Police & Firemen’s orgs., the other guy has endorsement from higher-up types like Senators and wifey-type orgs like MADD, because I’m in favor of drunk driving.

Race 3
My vote Robin Hudson – I don’t know much about her but the other guy is endorsed by the high-ups, she aint, so I’m voting for her, and that link I had she gave a pretty decent speech about how the court works

Race 4
My vote Sarah Parker based on the same thing as Timmons-Goodson

NC Court of Appeals

Race 1
My vote Bob Hunter because like the others his endorsements come from citizens groups and the other one is endorsed by politicians and high ups

Race 2
My vote Linda Stephens, because her endorsements are from people’s groups and I like how she calls herself “Judge Linda” like she’s gonna be on TV

Orange County Commission Pick 3 candidates

pick 1: Mike Nelson
because: “I will work diligently to oppose sprawl and preserve the rural buffer around Chapel Hill and Carrboro” “Expanding county investment in alternative energy” “Expanding the use of biodiesel in public vehicles” “supporting fare-free transit”
pick2: Alice Gordon
because: “urban, rural buffer, rural - through responsible long-term land use planning.” “improving regional transit and finding other alternatives to cars” “Support our local farms and local businesses, and promote the Buy Local Campaign”
pick3: Barry Jacobs based on this link: http://www.barryjacobs.org/issues/grow-your-own/

Superior Court Dist 15b Pick 2 candidates

pick1: Charles Anderson
based on: board member in an alternative sentencing board, sentenced kids writing racist graffiti to read a biography on Stephen Biko and write a book rpt about it.

pick2: Adam Stein
based on: his experience in the NC-CLU and as a civil rights attorney. He worked for desegregation back in the day amid his office being firebombed and all kinds of shit.

God orange county is just full of hippies aint it?

Orange Co Sherriff
pick: Lindy Pendergrass

reason: This dude is the incumbent and cops in Orange Co has some of the most laid back cops in any place I’ve ever lived, and even when a few cops get out of line, they know how to handle it. They handled the situation with the dipshit dude trying to kill people with an SUV on UNC’s campus by not scaring people by calling it “terrorism”. They handled it well by firing guys who were getting all Patriot Act on some high school girl because of her blog. And the other guy sounds like he’s going to go after drunks and drug users, and I’m always opposed to that nonsense.

NC House Dist 54
pick: Joe Hackney
why because you can just tell from their front pages with this election, and I'm wasting my life doing research on these assholes: "Pro Environment, Pro Choice"
why not the other guyAlvin Reed
from his fron page
-blogging for bolton.
-Judges 7:7 he's using a bible verse to justify building a berlin wall on the mexico border
-" I believe firmly that our Founding Fathers intended for us to prosletize moral values "
-" I believe firmly that we MUST take steps NOW for the American people to regain faith in government and corporate America."


State Senate Dist 24
maybe: Tony Foriest the poor dude has the worst website in America. & I don't like his talk about attracting employers. That's just a bullshit word for sprawl. And The bullshit Hugh Webster lists under his "guiding philosophies" is just code for cutting funding for social programs, education, etc. When these assholes talk about small government, they mean small government for the people, big government for defense contractors and richies. I wish I could write in, but since the NC Board of Elections despises democracy, there's no slot for write-ins. I might write something on there anyway.

Dist Attorney
Robert F Johnson
Rick Champion
still have no clue. At this point in the ballot I think Communist graffiti will be in order.

Dist 15a District Court Judge

Brad Allen
Todd Allen Smith
I can find no info on either of them. I’m gonna base this one on how cool the signs are, since their names are boring.

County Commissioner pick 2
Eddie Boswell http://www.nchba.com/content/view/529/60/
Douglas Fincannon
Tim Sutton
Ann Vaughan - dem


This election is a real winner. A guy who wants to taze everyone vs. the current Swine in Chief Terry Johnson, a guy that beat the shit out of his 16 year old daughter for getting a D on her report card. I guess tazer dude gets my vote, but in the next election I'm running for Sheriff on the Freak Power ticket.

Donald Compton http://www.doncomptonforsheriff.com/menu_item_3.htm Equipping all officers with a taser
Terry Johnson http://www.terryjohnsonwatch.com/ beat up his daughter

Alamance-Burlington Board of Education I can’t find any info on any of these people.
(Voters Pick Four)
Brad Evans
Brenda Brown Foster
Mary Alice Hinshaw
Tom Manning
James E. Miles
Martha Holt Moffitt
Heather Sorrill


Bob Casey In a debate on Meet The Press, moderate Bob Casey got his ass handed to him by Frothy. But I've never seen an American more resembling a weird little Nazi in my life than Rick Santorum. I don't know anyone, or know anyone who knows anyone Remotely sharing any kind of values with this fringe lunatic arrogant crybaby cocksucker.

#88 Lynn Swann I'd definately go for #88 on this one. He's one of these Reform Republicans who don't have anything to do with the corrupt slimeballs at the helm. Plus, he's a fuckin Steeler.
"Waiting at least 72 hours before signing or vetoing any piece of legislation in order to allow public comment;"
"Avoiding conflicts of interest by disclosing outside income of immediate family before signing or vetoing any bill;"
"Requiring real lobbyist disclosure"
"Promote clean alternative energy across the Commonwealth by fueling the Swann/Matthews campaign bus, Reform One, with bio-diesel fuel."

whatever, most of lynn's economic shit is pretty standard, pro-power nonsense. But he's better than the other guy.

14th Congressional District
Titus North (Green Party)
Any time there's a viable green party candidate I'll hand him a vote.

anyway, I only consider these half-informed endorsements, and this took me a good 6 hours researching and blowing off work to come up with. Which is why the media is bullshit. Most people don't have the luxury of that kind of time...

or don't vote and start meeting with your peeps and planning viable political parties, or stockpiling for a violent overthrow. either way sign me up.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monsanto being challenged by the Public Patent Foundation

For a little background on Monsanto's bullying of farmers, you should read the story of Canadian canola farmer Percy Schmeiser www.percyschmeiser.com

Schmeiser's farm was contaminated by Monsanto's Roundup Ready canola seed from a nearby field. Monsanto snuck onto his property, took some of their contaminated plants as proof, and successfully sued him for patent infringement.

The Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) filed formal requests with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to review and ultimately revoke four of Monsanto Company's patents related to genetically modified crops that the agricultural giant is using to harass, intimidate, sue - and in some cases literally bankrupt - American farmers, a press release by PUBPAT stated.

The Center for Food Safety found in its study of the matter that, "Monsanto has used heavy-handed investigations and ruthless prosecutions that have fundamentally changed the way many American farmers farm. The result has been nothing less than an assault on the foundations of farming practices and traditions that have endured for centuries in this country and millennia around the world, including one of the oldest, the right to save and replant crop seed."

"Monsanto's aggressive assertion of its patents is not only obnoxious and offensive to the core fabric of American life and culture, it is also causing substantial public harm," said PUBPAT's Executive Director Dan Ravicher. "It appears as though Monsanto wants to control all of America's farmland and - unfortunately - the patent system is providing them the perfect means to accomplish that goal by bullying independent and family owned farms right out of existence."