Saturday, July 25, 2009

Letter to Senator Max Baucus (D)-Montana

Letter to Senator Max Baucus (D)-Montana

The following letter was emailed to Senator Max Baucus on the below date via this link ...........


Dear Senator Max Baucus,

You kinda look like Peter Fonda. Did anyone ever tell you that?

Peter Fonda was in a movie called Easy Rider. It’s from your era, the hippy/baby boomer era, so you and your fellow senior citizens probably know it well. Anyway, the premise of the movie is Wyatt or “Captain America” (Peter Fonda) and his friend Billy (Dennis Hopper) make a million dollars in the free market by buying cocaine from a bunch of poor Mexicans and selling it to Phil Spector, a wealthy American, who needed so much cocaine because he has such a huge nose, I suppose.

So he and Billy take that money, roll it up, stick it in a tube and insert it into the hole of Peter Fonda’s American Flag teardrop gas tank on his famous chopper, to hide the dirty money. I have the DVD of Easy Rider, and there’s a commetary on there with Dennis Hopper, who said that scene with the tube thrust into the American flag gas tank was deliberately symbolic of the American Dream being fucked with the almighty dollar, obtained from drug money.

Do you enjoy fucking? A man of your stature would never admit to it, because there's some strange status quo that leaders shouldn't have penises. And forget balls too, because to even need balls you must have convictions.

And that’s for the best, because thinking about old hippies fucking is disgusting to most people, especially us young people who aren’t from the Hippy Era and are under the age of 60 and enjoy practicing hygiene… But what I’m getting at is, your name reminds me of “Bacchus”, the Roman god of wine and music and partying and orgies. Bacchus was said to engage in three-day-long drunken orgies…..

Speaking of three-day-long orgies, I want to get tickets to come party with you at “Camp Baucus” in Big Sky, Montana on the weekend beginning July 31, but I’m concerned about the activity that will go on there. The invitation says “fly fishing, golf and horseback riding”. Honestly, that sounds boring to me. Are those euphemisms for some weird kind of rich-people fucking that we in the unwashed masses never get to participate in? Oh well. On it’s face, that sounds like the kind of activity rich old men like to engage in with their nagging wives and spoiled children.

What about guns, dope and fucking in the streets? Will that go on at Camp Baucus? If not, you fucking hippies are certainly getting bland in this day and age.

But I know you, Senator Max Baucus from the great state of Montana, are into hardcore fisting. How else would AHIP have gotten that hand so far up your ass when you use their exact rhetoric about finding a “uniquely American solution” to the health care crises. Exactly how much lube did that take? I bet it was $2500 worth of lube. Awww yeah.

We all know “a uniquely American solution” doesn’t mean widespread civil disobedience and revolution and all that kind of kick-ass shit that I like, it means a solution where stupid old rich fucks can continue to get together and engage in their bland, fly fishing, big money, politician-fistin’ orgies, for the purpose of keeping policy in place so they can continue to profit off of denying coverage to sick and dying people.

You sounded like Porky Pig when Great Falls Tribune capitol bureau chief John S. Adams interviewed you ( about single payer healthcare and asked what you’ve done to oppose insurance and pharma companies. Your response: “Badee badee badee dip dip pay premiums, badee dip dip don’t like it!”

At the end of Easy Rider, right before the freedom loving pair Wyatt and Billy are shot by rednecks, and right after they engage in a bacchinal LSD and alcohol fueled orgy during Mardi Gras in a New Orleans cemetary (the type of orgies you can relate to- rich men fucking the poor in the ass - are going on there today), Billy is still happy about the money, about their situation living free out on the open road “retired in Florida, mister!”

But Wyatt tells him: “We blew it.”

Wyatt and Billy could have built up new communities with that money, could have taken care of sick rebels, could have helped out struggling farmer-individualists, but instead they just wanted to take their money and party at Camp Bacchus, just like you’re doing now with your millions in health industry contributions, while people who don’t have access to that kind of money get sick and die unneccesarily.

Have your fun, Senator Max Baucus, Democrat from Montana, with fucking the Ameircan dream in the ass with drug money.

You blew it, motherfucker.